Our Story

It all started in 1976 when George the owner of Tower of Pizza came to America from a small- town set in the mountains of Greece. He came to America with a dream like so many before and after him with a work ethic that could only be grown from a life of in a small Greek town where community comes together for each other.

He found his first job at a diner in New Jersey as a dishwasher. From there he worked his way up becoming a cook and baker. After 7 years of hard work serving his community, while learning English he became part owner of C.B Diner in Toms River, New Jersey. He ran that Diner for 2 years but felt his destination had not been reached. One day out of the blue a fortune teller told George that she saw him in the sunshine state surrounded by water. Miraculously George found himself in that very place the following year, the Florida Keys to be exact. Not knowing what the future held in store for him, he took the chance and sold the diner to move to Key Largo. George instantly fell in love with the keys community and started a family.

He owned and operated a few different restaurants and experienced his first hurricanes until the day his destiny became clear.

Tower of pizza was Established in 1975. The previous owners were ready to retire and looking for someone to carry on their legacy of serving the community. George became that man and purchased Tower of Pizza in 1987.

Along with his brother John and a few of Georges golden rules; the doors will always be open with great service and food at great prices, he began to start his own legacy.

George and his family have worked hard to keep operating hours from 11 to 11, 7 days a week since the day he took over, no matter the challenges!

Tower of Pizza has served the community and its first responders through the hardships of hurricanes and many other adversities. George prides himself in always being there for the community through these challenges to welcome people in and provide them with a great meal and a welcome atmosphere.

From past to present Tower of Pizza’s sign has remained lit while the rest of the town has gone dark. Like a lighthouse in a stormy sea.

Now George’s children along with his large Greek family continue his legacy by running the business while carrying on Georges golden rules. George teaches his children the trade, the importance of family values and how to keep the sign lit for years to come. Three generations of family now carry the torch and uphold these values that George cares greatly about. We here at Tower of Pizza are honored to serve our community since 1987 and will continue do our very best.

Throughout good and bad times here in the keys a few things have always remained the same; the heart of this town is our community and Tower of Pizza’s sign remaining lit.

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